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As a trusted member of law enforcement for over twenty-five years, Tony has dedicated his life to protecting and servicing our familes, communities and county. He has the best training, certifications, experience and leadership skills - he's ready to serve as Sheriff on day one.

Date              Training / Certification

May-96          PA Act 120 Police Academy

Nov-96          Traffic Patrol / Drug Interdiction

Jul-97           Sheriff Act 2 Academy

Oct-98           Enforcement of the PA Inspection Regulations

Mar-99           Confronting Domestic Violence

Apr-99           Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Procedures

Oct-99           Dare instructor Training

Nov-99           Modular Drug Training

Aug-00           Perceptual Driving Practitioner Course

Sep-01           The Police Supervisor In Service Training

Nov-01           Field Training Officer

Mar-03           Crime Prevention Practitioners

Mar-03           Terrorism Awareness and Prevention

Oct-03            Critical Incident Management - Initial Response

Aug-04            DARE Elementary Update Training

Sep-05            DNA Evidence Collection

Mar-06            Regional Gang Awareness Seminar

Jun-06            Insurance Fraud Seminar

Feb-07            Identification of Complex Auto Thefts

Sep-07            Interviewing Juveniles

Jan-09            Protecting our Children

Sep-09            Drug Exposure Seminar

Dec-09            Street Crimes

Apr-10             Be a Safety Kid- Certified Instructor

Jan-11            On Scene Collision Investigation Level 1

Apr-12            Colt AR-15 Armorer Course

Jan-13            Interviewing and Interrogation

Mar-16            Flying while Armed

May-19            Resiliency, Leadership, Peer Support & Sucide Awareness

Oct-19             Leading Without Rank

Jul-20             Racial Diversity & Effective Communications

Feb-21            Managing the Property and Evidence Room

Jul-21             Alice- Alice Instructor Certified

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